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Information, Simplified.

MyGovGuide is a business and data intelligence solution that accelerates your public sector business development and sales process. MyGovGuide provides unprecedented visibility into agency budgets, contracts, leadership, and staffing. MyGovGuide is Information, Simplified.

What is MyGovGuide?

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How does MyGovGuide work?

MyGovGuide provides clear interlinked visual breakdown of the state’s budget, organizational structure, and executive teams. Users can dynamically search, browse, track, and tag agency information by budgets, programs, contacts, or contracts. This includes daily updated visual information on what portion of budgets remain unspent and who received the money that was spent.

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Changing Statistics

Actionable data updated daily, driving intelligent customer engagement

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Insider Knowledge

Gain a competitive advantage through strategic insights into public sector information

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Connected Data Sets

Simplified and visualized information to create informed business interactions

What else can MyGovGuide do for you?

Within each agency, users can find information on the organization’s mission, goals and objectives, its leadership teams, programs, budgets, and employee movement. Custom profiles are generated for each agency official, with contact information and the programs, budgets, contracts, and teams under their guidance.

Who can benefit from MyGovGuide?

MyGovGuide is for any organization that does or wants to strategically and effectively do business with Florida State government. Any organization that wants to strategically reduce their sales and business development research cycles can gain a competitive advantage in the Florida state government public sector market by leveraging MyGovGuide as part of their go-to-market strategy.

Who Can Benefit

Why does my organization need MyGovGuide?

MyGovGuide empowers users to present their solutions and services to the right leaders, at the most strategic time. This edge gives MyGovGuide users a competitive advantage by gaining speed to value on public sector information. MyGovGuide helps you to win faster by delivering the information you need right when you need it.

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